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Business profile

  The furniture factory Goutis - Karapanos Co. located in the furniture since 1996 and is active with projects in Greece and Cyprus. All these years we walk always with new and dynamic projects fully covering the needs of consumers and of the time. Our company based on years of experience, its highly trained staff, to love and care for each piece of furniture entirely assumes the professional hotel equipment, ships, catering and B & B and has the expertise in special constructions of all dimensions using excellent quality materials, giving her own touch to the design and construction of the Greek furniture. And supporting the Greek market and tonEllina consumer, we offer our products with the cheapest price in the market with the best quality materials and workmanship.
    In our factory you can find a wide variety of unique design furniture, able to cover all needs, to donate flawless aesthetic and withstand the battle with time. Our years of experience has brought to a position to be able to really satisfy your every desire and dream. Whether you modern lines or more classic, we have the perfect recommendations. Solutions for all areas of the home, office, hotel. Still, we undertake special orders for all business dining and ships. Always for you and at prices not find elsewhere.